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His Story

After graduating from the USC school of Dentistry in 1989, Dr. Borge join the United States Air Force and served as a dentist at McClellan AFB clinic in Sacramento, CA. from October 1989 to December 1992. Dr. Borge was on active duty during the first war in Iraq, (Desert Storm) and treated many of the soldiers that were sent over there to free Kuwait. In January of 1993 Dr. Borge resigned his military commission and purchased the existing dental practice of Dr. George Gould located in South Land Park, Sacramento. This practice was running mostly HMO programs at the time of purchase and had very few private patients. After operating the practice for about 6 months, Dr. Borge determined that HMO programs were not in the best interest of the patients. Therefore, all HMO programs were cancelled immediately leaving Dr. Borge with about 350 active private patients. Over the next few years the practice slowly grew and eventually a larger more modern office was needed to meet the ongoing needs of the expanding practice. In the year 2000, Dr. Borge designed and built a new state of the art office at 2550 W. El Camino Ave. Suite # 9 Sacramento, CA 95833. The new office in South Natomas first started seeing patients in October of 2000. At this time the practice staff consisted of Dr. Borge, Kay as office manager and Laura as his assistant. Kay and Laura were originally employees of Dr. Gould and stayed with the practice after it was sold to Dr. Borge. The practice continued to grow quickly at the new location and in 2002 it became necessary to expand the staff by adding the first hygienist to the practice. Continued practice growth and a nagging shoulder problem caused Dr. Borge to hire his first dental associate in 2003. Over the next 5 years the practice had steady growth and many personnel changes as Dr. Borge struggled with an ever-increasing shoulder problem and therefore, a reduction in the number of clinical hours he was able to put in at the office. On February 26th 2008 Dr. Borge was forced to have surgery on his ailing right shoulder. During the surgery the doctor found a large tear in Dr. Borge's rotator cuff, which was then repaired. Consequently, the shoulder did not heal well and Dr. Borge had to endure many other complications from the surgery. This lead Dr. Borge to the difficult decision that the patients would best be served if he transferred ownership of the practice to one of his dental associates. Therefore, on September 1st 2008 Dr. Borge sold his practice to Dr. Hoang Truong, one of his existing associates.

Dr. Borge continued to struggle with the rehabilitation of his shoulder until it finally started to get better in May of 2009. Currently, Dr. Borge is medically retired from clinical dentistry due to a Parkinson like tremor disorder that was a complication aggravated by the surgery. The doctors are trying, without luck, to treat this condition with medication. At this time it is very unlikely that Dr. Borge will practice clinical dentistry any time in the near future. This site will keep you informed of any future changes in Dr. Borge's medical or clinical status.

Health Update: As of June 2010 there have been no major changes in Dr. Borge's medical status and he is still not practicing clinical dentistry, but his license is current.

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